Whether you’re after planning a vacation or a quick getaway, Mexico City is a fabulous destination that offers everything from bustling markets to fiery cuisine and caters to all tastes. Mexico City is a perfect mix of the ancient and the contemporary, with a diverse history that stretches thousands of years from the founding of Tenochtitlan by the Aztec people. Discover Mexico City and uncover its fascinating history and art deco-lined neighborhoods. Your Mexico City sightseeing experience must include a cruise along the Xochimilco Historic Center of Mexico City, the nearby Island of the Dolls, flea markets, and the Mexican gardens. Read more about museum visits and other Mexico City attractions and things to do in Mexico City here.

Guide to Visit Mexico City

History and Main attractions

Visit the Xochimilco Historic Center of Mexico City and its famous canals and get ready for a unique experience. Xochimilco is a World Heritage Site where you can take a flat-bottomed boat along the canals lined with gardens and trees as food vendors, artists, and mariachi bands float by. Xochimilco is known as “the Venice of Mexico.” Plan your visit for the weekend, when the atmosphere is festive.

In the midst of all this beauty, you can visit a spooky Mexico City attraction, the Island of the Dolls. Xochimilco provides a unique experience and will make for an exciting day trip. Find out more about what to do in Xochimilco Historic Center of Mexico City and other Mexico City attractions.


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