MEXICO Transportation


Traveling within Mexico City by public transport is convenient and easy to get around using the different methods of transportation. The subway system is efficient and goes almost everywhere. If you are going for more than a week, consider purchasing a Metro card for 10 Pesos. You can share a ticket if you’re traveling with 2 or more people. You can reload the card up to 100 Pesos at a time.

Taxis can be pricey. To avoid being scammed, do not hail taxis off the street. If you don’t speak Spanish, have your hotel call or wait at the taxi stands. The official taxis have meters. Or, experience Mexico City by bus but they tend to get crowded and caught in traffic jams. The Metrobus have women-only buses with pink signs and available on platforms. For the famous sites, hop on the red double-decker Turibus. It’s great for an overview of the city, and you can hop on the bus and get off as many stops as you like for one fare to get to Mexico City is about 250.00 – 300.00 pesos.


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