Planning Your Trip

Mexico City



Whether you’re after planning a vacation or a quick getaway, Mexico City is a fabulous destination that offers everything from bustling markets to fiery cuisine and caters to all tastes. Mexico City is a perfect mix of the ancient and the contemporary, with a diverse history that stretches thousands of years from the founding of Tenochtitlan by the Aztec people. Discover Mexico City and uncover its fascinating history and art deco-lined neighborhoods. Your Mexico City sightseeing experience must include a cruise along the Xochimilco Historic Center of Mexico City, the nearby Island of the Dolls, flea markets, and the Mexican gardens. Read more about museum visits and other Mexico City attractions and things to do in Mexico City here.


What To Do in Mexico City 

Planning your trip in detail beforehand will make your time in New Mexico worth it. It is important to have an idea of the borough your will be visiting and the amount of time you plan to spend there. Whether you are visiting for a short time or an extended time period, it is advisable to plan accordingly. If unsure of your schedule, consider using the services of a trip planner to ensure your vacation is pleasantly memorable.


Night Life in Mexico City

Mexico City has an active nightlife with a variety of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, and theatres with entertainment for tastes and budgets. Find out more about the nightlife here.


Shopping in Mexico City

Mexico City has a lot offer with shopping malls, flea markets throughout the city selling arts, clothes, crafts, jewelry, food and other kinds of local products. Unravel colorful markets like City Market for all sorts of gourmet food, spices and produce or stop by La Lagunilla for clothing or  trinket to bring home. Or, if arts and crafts interest you visit La Ciudadela for a wide variety of Mexican crafts.